How does Body Stress Release Work?

Body Stress Release (BSR) is a complementary health technique which increases the ability of the human body to heal and maintain itself. BSR helps your body to improve communication by releasing locked in muscle tension as a result being exposed to an overload of stress.

The BSR process is always initiated by three sessions planned on day 1, 4 and 11.

Option 1: Starting on a monday, followed by 2 consecutive thursdays.
Option 2: Starting on a tuesday, followed by 2 consecutive fridays.
Option 3: Starting on a thursday, followed by 2 consecutive mondays.

Option 4: Starting on a friday, followed by 2 consecutive tuesdays.

The first session includes an intake. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions during the session if your situation requires additional explanation.

The client, fully clothed, lies face down on a couch. The practitioner activates the biofeedback mechanism of the body by moving the feet in a very specific way.


The practitioner carries out a series of body stress tests, pressing lightly on various points in specific directions. If there is body stress present this stimulus will trigger a tiny withdrawal reflex from the nervous system, indicating a site of stress.

Once a site of stress has been located the practitioner performs the releases. This is done with a thumb or finger with a slight pressure or impulse, in the specific direction. The pressure the practitioner uses is very light. This has an effect of initiating an organised sequence of messages to the brain, alerting it to the stored tension. The brain can then send commands to the structures concerned to release it.

As BSR is a process, initially three appointments are made for a new client. Then, depending on the body’s responses to the releases, the client is advised regarding follow-up appointments.